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  • Comfort Chair

    The ultimate in comfort and mobility, the Days Comfort Chair is an easy care solution for elderly or special needs seating. Cushioned adjustable air cell support has been incorporated into the design. The four lateral support wings fold away for easy transferring of the patient. This chair has a reclinable seat along with an adjustable backrest and calf rest, tray, neck support and footplate. The frame is completely constructed from sturdy stainless steel.
    Features & Benefits:
    • Adjustable calf rest
    • Reclinable seat
    • Air system for pressure relief
    • Full stainless steel frame
    • Three lockable castors and one steering castor (non-marking)
    • Breathable polyurethane cover (fire retardant)
    • Replaceable and easy to clean cover
    • Four folding wings
    • Standard dining tray
    • Magazine pocket

  • Ashley Lift Recliner (Maxi)


    Each chair in the Topform Lift Recliner Ashley range is designed to suit a particular body shape and size.

    Additional costs apply.


    Luxor Platinum Lift Recliner (Mini)

    $2,395.00 $2,155.50

    Each chair in the Topform Lift Recliner Ashley range is designed to suit a particular body shape and size.

    This product is customisable. Additional costs on top of the base price applies according to material and motor type ordered.

  • Bed - Moderna

    Moderna Bed

  • Mobile Air Chair (Large)


    Features & Benefits:

    • Ergonomic Attendant Grip Handles. Control levers for tilt & recline, push handle for attendant use
    • Swing Away Backrest Wings & Armrests. Allows for easy patient side transfers
    • Adjustable Foam Matrix. Matrix of collapsible air flow chambers promote skin micro climate management and evenly redistribute pressure.
    • Adjustable outer chambers and solid perimeter structure improve overall midline sitting. Movable foam cores allow backrest to be customized for individual postural needs
    • Patient Surface – Adjustable Pressure. Contoured air bladder in the seating surface can be easily inflated and adjusted with integrated hand pump – stowed and concealed behind head wing when not in use
    • Gas Assisted Tilt 25º, Recline 90º and Leg Raise 90º. Allows the chair to convert to a lie-flat bed position for prolonged periods of use, or set to manage posture, pressure and lower limb oedema
    • Lockable Castors with Directional Control. Front directional castor improves the ability to manoeuvre in a straight line through corridors, making it safer and lighter for attendant use
    • Unique design promotes skin immersion and envelopment, redistributing skin pressure, reducing the risk of pressure injury associated with prolonged sitting or lying

  • IC333 Base


    (Base only)

    The IC333 Bed is unmatched for function and durability, taking the hospital look out of your room. This four function bed, features dual lift motors totalling 12,000 newtons lifting power, unlimited under-bed clearance and eight heavy duty castors.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Rechargeable battery backup
    • End and side mattress retainer bars
    • Lockable heavy duty castors
    • Unlimited under bed clearance
    • Back lit wipeable hand piece

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