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  • Scooter CTM HS115

    Scooter CTM HS115


    The HS115 mobility scooter is designed to provide you with transportation ability indoors and outdoors. With a lightweight design and a removable battery pack, means this travel scooter will take you up to a 10 km radius in style. The HS115 has a comfortable seat, with fold back armrests and is compact enough to fit in your car.

    This stable 3-wheel scooter is a great choice is a travel scooter is needed.

  • Scooter CTM HS118

    Scooter CTM HS118


    Specification sheet: Download

    The CTM HS118 is ultra-light, compact and easy to transport in the car.

    This 4-wheel mobility scooter has a 20-inch axle width will give riders increased stability. The stronger, reinforced chassis will help to reduce flex and rolling. The standard Delta handle bar allows for one handed steering if needed, and the easy to operate control panel displays everything that you need in order to operate the scooter.

    The control panel features the battery gauge, self-diagnostic warning light, horn button, key switch, throttle, and the speed dial knob, making it very simple to have complete control. You can adjust the tiller angle for easy reach, rotate the seat for comfortable positioning, adjust the seat height, and also, adjust the armrests. With a weight capacity of 255 pounds, riders of average height and build will find this scooter not only easy to use but very comfortable.

  • HS589

    Scooter CTM HS589

  • Scooter CTM HS898 Bravo

    Scooter CTM HS898 Bravo


    Specification sheet: Download

    This is a luxury high performance scooter with full suspension.

    The HS898 Bravo is similar to the standard HS-898 with just a few exceptions – the main one being it’s great for climbing hills. It combines sporty performance with a high weight capacity of 181 kg and an increased travel range of up to 40km on one battery.

    The comfortable captain style seat with angle adjustable back support, depth and swivel adjustment on the seat base and angle adjustable tiller make this mobility scooter a comfortable travel companion.

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