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  • Let’s Go Out Rollator Tray


    A tray is available for the Trust care Let’s Go Out Rollators which can be placed on the seat.

    It is easy to put in place and has support edges to stop it from falling off.

  • Forearm Elbow Crutches - New Hand Grip - Small

    Forearm Elbow Crutches


    Specification sheet: Download

  • Walking Frame, Folding

    Walking Frame – Folding


    Specification sheet: Download

    This walking frame is manufactured from aluminium which makes light to handle but is still strong offering piece of mind when it comes to stability. It has been designed to fold easily making it easy to take with you. The frame comes with anti-slip rubber tips on the front and back legs. Wheels and rear ski glides can be purchased separately. This walking frame is height adjustable and with a minimum height of 71cm and maximum height of 96cm

  • Over Toilet Chair - Budget Aluminium

    Over Toilet Aid – Basic


    Specification sheet: Download

    The Freedom over the toilet aid assists transfers on and off the toilet. This toilet surround frame is height adjustable with push button adjustment. The frame is made from steel tubing making it strong and sturdy and it is treated for corrosion resistance. The seat and lid are made out of a high quality plastic with minimal flexibility.

  • Aluminium Shower Chair - Budget

    Shower Chair – Basic


    Specification sheet: Download

    The Freedom steel shower chair is a standard no-fuss chair, which is height adjustable. It features a contoured, plastic moulded seat, which is both comfortable & hygienic. It has been cleverly designed with a gentle slope, so that water can fl ow away for easy drainage.

    It has a maximum user weight of 130kg.

  • Aluminium Stool - Budget

    Shower Stool – Basic


    Specification sheet: Download

    The shower stool is made with a light aluminium frame and is designed to provide maximum space to fit between the arm rests. The thicker, durable powder coated finish helps protect against scratches and scuffs.

    It is fitted with slip resistant suction tips and is suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, institutional use, rentals and domestic use. The stool is height adjustable and the moulded seat means extra comfort while having your shower.

  • Over Toilet Chair - Aluminium

    Over Toilet Aid – Premium


    Specification sheet: Download

    Sometimes in homes the toilet may be positioned to low for those who have difficulty bending or lowering themselves. If you are recovering from a hip replacement or simply need the toilet seat higher this over the toilet frame will make toileting much safer and easier.

    The aluminium frame is height adjustable with anti-slip rubber tips which gives additional stability, support and grip.

    The plastic seat and lid easily clips off to facilitate hygienic and easy cleaning.

  • Shower Chair - Aluminium

    Shower Chair – Premium


    Specification sheet: download

    The Freedom aluminium shower chair enables comfortable and safe showering with a curved seat for comfort and drainage. Made of aluminium it is super light and the S bend design provides maximum space for the user to fit between the arm rests. The internal sliding legs provide smooth and effortless height adjustment. The slip resistant suction rubber tips on all four legs make transferring safer and easier.

    The maximum user weight is 140kg.

  • HBA403

    Shower Stool – Premium


    Specification sheet: Download

    Our shower stool may be placed inside the shower recess to enable people to sit while showering. This may be useful for those with poor balance or those who tire easily. Shower chairs/stools with arm rests are available to help with getting on and off the chair more easily.

    Our shower stool is perfect for preventing falls and accidents in your bathroom and it’s ideal if you need a bit more balance when you shower. It adjusts from 67cm to 82cm high.

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