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  • Aspire Classic Bedside Commode – Slate

    • Generously padded seat lifts and tilts nearly out of the way to reveal a lift-up toilet seat and fixed bowl carrier beneath.
    • Padded armrests are raised to provide an easily reachable support point for lowering onto the seat.
    • Removable bowl with lid and carry handle.
    • Contoured, deluxe padded and slightly reclined backrest helps maintain posture while supporting an open and comfortable hip position.
    • Height adjustable legs with easy push button adjustment and non-slip tips for stability.
    • Easy clean vinyl surfaces
    • Three-Sided Shroud – Discreetly conceals bowl.
    • Powder Coated Steel Frame – Strong, durable and easy to clean.

  • BRO202-Y

    Quad Walker – Modular Deluxe (55cm)

  • BRO202-Y

    Quad Walker – Modular Deluxe (59cm)

  • Aspire Shower Stool with arms, Padded seat & Backrest

    • Safe working load (S.W.L) of 175kg.
    • Clip on seat or padded back attachment – For easy assembly and cleaning.
    • Height adjustable legs – Easy push button height adjustment for changing needs.
    • All frames are individually treated for corrosion resistance.
    • Seat with anterior tilt – Facilitates standing from sitting and provides greater comfort for stiff or painful hips.
    • Raised armrests – Assist the user transferring on and off the stool.
    • Durable non-slip feet provide excellent grip and stability in wet condition and a stainless steel washer enhances durability.
    • Additional height increments on one leg – Accommodates uneven surfaces.

  • Freedom Over Toilet Aid


    The oval tube over toilet aid is made of an ultra-light aluminium frame; its new S bend side frame provides maximum space for the patient to fit between the arm rests. It is fitted with slip resistant suction tips.

    Some everyday important features include: a larger seat with a lid that is non-flexible and removable for easy cleaning; unique “A” frame shape designed for maximum seat space and comfort.

    Weight capacity: 200kg

    Product Information Sheet: Download

  • Freedom Shower Stool


    Specification sheet: Download

  • Adjustable Height Trolley Walker


    Specification sheet: Download

    The Days Adjustable Height Trolley Walker is a sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home, providing a means of transporting items from one room to another safely.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Includes clip-on plastic trays that can be removed easily for cleaning.
    • Can be used with or without trays or it can be used as a table.
    • Rails on tray edges prevent items from slipping off.
    • Lockable hand brakes mean this trolley can also be used as a walking aid and provides additional safety when standing from a seated position.
    • Handles are adjustable in height.
    • Easily accessible loop lockable brakes.
    • Supplied with a cream painted steel frame.
    • Comes in white or beige colour.

  • Freedom 3-in-1 Bathroom aid with Split Seat


    PATENTED split padded seat allows easy access to clean body parts from the front or rear of the chair without requiring the patient to stand.

    Extension legs with adjustment pins spaced 25mm apart on three legs and 12.5mm apart on the fourth to ensure maximum stability.

    The oval shaped tubing prevents misalignment between the inner and outer tubes.

    Rubber suction tips make the chair slip resistant.

    Pail with lid and splashguard included.

    Weight capacity: 160kg

    Product Information Sheet: Download


  • XL Seat Walker


    Features & Benefits:

    • Robust aluminium frame and easy wipe-clean surfaces.
    • Wide padded seat and increased 180kg Safe Working Load – to suit larger users.
    • Ultra-soft hand brakes with palm ball – lock effortlessly and offer increased comfort for users with arthritis or wrist/hand joint pain
    • Anatomically designed, latex-free handles – allow for comfortable grip, especially for users with arthritis.
    • Adjustable handle height – for customised comfort and posture.
    • Easy folding mechanism – to facilitate storage and transportation.
    • Padded seat that flips up – with a discreet pocket for smaller items and a storage bag supplied.
    • Solid, puncture-proof 8” wheels – for increased manoeuvrability and peace of mind.

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