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  • Excel G3 Series Heavy Duty Wheelchair (46cm)

  • Vogue Seat Walker


    Features & Benefits:

    • Super lightweight – 5kg carbon fibre frame.
    • Luxury look and feel – Danish design, profiled tubing, moulded fittings, ergonomic handles and refined colours.
    • Lightweight and ergonomic design with small turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability.
    • “AutoLocate” – Smooth height adjustmentthat automatically locates to pre-set heights, making adjustment simple and accurate.
    • Locks when folded – makes transportation and storage easier.
    • Advanced locking handbrakes – for increased user safety when walking and sitting.
    • Unbreakable TPE super soft wheels – offers high durability and a smooth ride for increased comfort.
    • Removable utility bag – simple and stylish to remove for shopping. Can hold up to 5 kg.

  • Excel G5 Prescription Wheelchair

  • Excel G4+ Series Wheelchair – Premium (46cm)

  • HBA350

    Stainless Steel Mobile Commode


    Specification sheet: Download

    A basic, fixed height, attendant or self-propelled mobile commode chair with a frame constructed entirely from stainless steel. The Freedom Stainless steel mobile commode frame is made from 304 marine grade stainless steel and offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

    It is designed to enable a person to be taken to a level access shower area and over a toilet.

    The padded arm rest has multiple height adjustable – lowers to the seat level for easy patient transfer.

    The handle grips rotate to secure the patient and prevents the patient from falling forwards.

    The pail with lid included. A soft padded seat is an optional extra – soft padded seat is for extra comfort.

    It is available in one size and the seat is black in colour.

  • Excel X3 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

  • Excel Paediatric Wheelchair (35cm)

  • NEW

    Revolution Chair


    The Revolution Chair incorporates a unique, patented “swiv-L-slide” mechanism allowing easy user access to the chair, then gliding close to a table edge. The chair legs remain fixed and stable at all times.

    The chair seat turns left or right to accommodate its user. It then slowly turns to face the table and gradually slides forward until the user is a comfortable distance from the table edge. When the user wishes to exit the chair, a tab on the side of the seat is lifted and the seat smoothly slides back from the table. Then, the seat rotates away from the table and the user exits the chair.

    No more “hipping” chairs up to the table. Reduces OH&S risk for staff. Patients and residents can seat themselves and don’t require assistance. Supports independence and dignity.

    The chair is safe, has no wheels and can support up to 120kg.

  • Three Wheel Scooter (Micro)


    The HS115 mobility scooter is designed to provide you with transportation ability indoors and outdoors. With a lightweight design and a removable battery pack, means this travel scooter will take you up to a 10 km radius in style. The HS115 has a comfortable seat, with fold back armrests and is compact enough to fit in your car.

    This stable 3-wheel scooter is a great choice is a travel scooter is needed.

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