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  • Let’s Go Out Rollator Tray


    A tray is available for the Trust care Let’s Go Out Rollators which can be placed on the seat.

    It is easy to put in place and has support edges to stop it from falling off.

  • Let’s Go Indoor Walker


    The Indoor Walker is an entirely new and practical walking aid that will provide safety in and around the home. It is light, smooth, flexible and very easy to manage.


    • Can be used in narrow spaces like the bathroom and toilet
    • Doubles as a kitchen trolley for carrying meals and coffee
    • A textile basket may be placed under the tray for storing small items
    • If needed, this walker is easily operated with one hand only
    • Brake may be used to park the walker to become a dinner or card tray
    • Soft and quiet wheels that roll easily over carpets.

  • Let’s Go Out Rollator


    The Trust Care Let’s Go Out Rollator is light and elegant, both folded and unfolded. It has an X frame cross folding system which makes it easy to fold, takes up little space and stands alone when folded.

    With big front and rear wheels, it is easy to get over curbs and other obstacles. Even more important is the spring system in the wheels that gives a smooth movement compensating for stiff joints.

    The Let’s Go Out Rollator has soft, comfortable rubber handles that are adjustable in height from 78 to 96cm.

    It has an easy to manage brake which of course can be locked and a comfortable seat in imitation leather for strength.

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