Did you know? Since motorised scooter and electric wheelchair users are classified as pedestrians, they are allowed to travel up to 10km/hr.

Sharing the footpath can be tricky because some people may not be accustomed to seeing scooters or wheelchairs on the footpath. Because scooters and wheelchairs can move so quietly, they can catch walking pedestrians unaware, particularly those that have visual or hearing impairments.

Here are some tips to safely sharing the footpath with other pedestrians:

  • Whenever possible, travel on the left side of the footpath
  • Have a horn or beeper fitted on your scooter or wheelchair so that you can alert others of your presence
  • Travel at a speed that will enable you to stop quickly and safely
  • When making a turn, use your indicators or hand signals to alert other pedestrians. If you cannot do this, stop and check before you change directions
  • Be careful if you’re using audio headphones as they restrict your hearing which may cause an accident