14 January 2019

Did you know? Motorised scooter and electric wheelchair users can use the road when necessary. This may be due to footpath hazards such as overhanging branches or where no such footpath exists for you to travel on.

In these cases, it is extremely important for scooter and wheelchair uses to be cautious as they are more at risk of an accident when crossing the road.

Here are some tips for crossing the road safely:

Remember! You are travelling at a very low speed, so follow the same steps as you would as a walking pedestrian.

  1. When approaching the road, reduce your speed. Once you start to cross, increase your speed (often the highest speed is not always appropriate)
  2. Choose a safe place to cross – one which gives you a clear view of approaching traffic. Never cross near curves or hills where you cannot see oncoming vehicles
  3. If possible, go straight across to the opposite kerb rather than travelling diagonally to go up or down the road
  4. Use a pedestrian crossing if there is one nearby
  5. If you must use a roundabout, cross as if you were walking and give way to vehicles
  6. Don’t assume cars will stop for you, particularly if you’re at an intersection or crossing that is not controlled by traffic lights


  • Stop as close to the edge of the kerb as you can
  • Look for traffic in all directions
  • Listen for traffic you may not be able to see
  • Think if you have enough time to cross safely. You will need to carefully judge the speed and distance of approaching vehicles If you’re not sure you can cross safely… WAIT!